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Full sanding or Half/buffing sanding of Timber floors and Polishing. Floor sanding Perth WA is one of our premium work. We are the leading agency in Perth for all timber flooring and sanding works. Floors are key factors in our living space. The ambiance of your living or work space is made pleasant by the appropriateness of installation, sanding and finishing of the floors. The quality of the floor certainly plays a crucial role also in enhancing the value of any property. It is a professional work which requires machinery, chemicals, technical expertise and certainly experience. The description of floor sanding as a procedure of peeling off the top layer of a wooden floor by sanding with abrasive tools and polishing them and giving them a protective lamination is simple enough. However, this restoration procedure is the work of a specialist.

Our services

  1. Full Timber Floor sanding and Polishing
  2. Without sanding timber floor polishing
  3. Vinyl Floor Polishing
  4. Timber floor installation and repairs
  5. Carpet Steam Cleaning
  6. Tile and Grout cleaning
  7. Tile Polishing
  8. Buffing and polishing

Floor sanding involves a number of steps. The first step is to prepare the floor for the hassle free working of the equipments used in timber floor sanding. This involves the removal of all screws, rivets and nails which are on the old floor.  Timber floor sanding machine can do their job properly only if the floor is even. After making sure that the floor is even they start sanding with a coarse grit. At this point care should be taken to sand the floor going in line with the grains in wood.  The next step is to smoothen the floor and this is done with a sanding a belt with 50 grit and followed by 80 grit sanding belt. The next step is buffing by which the floor becomes smooth for further work on it.

Floor sanding becomes perfect only after timber floor polishing which gives the floor elegance and durability. The first step in timber floor polishing is the removal of dust from the floor completely. There are different lacquers available in the market. The worst thing that you can do in this step is to go for inferior quality lacquers which might save you a few bucks but will prove disastrous in the long run. A couple of coats of lacquer are desirable to give durability and finish to the floor.

Timber floor sanding and timber floor polishing are certainly not a layman’s work. It is better to choose the service of a contractor with a sustained track record for quality and timely completion. Other considerations are the use of eco-friendly stains and varnishes by the contractor and the way he manages the dust at the time of work. Once the work is over our part is to maintain the floor in immaculate condition.

Our agency is targeting clients who need floor sanding services. We Offer a wide variety of packages at affordable cost. We are the leading agency in Perth who offer the following services

  1. Floor sanding in Perth wa
  2. Timber floor polishing
  3. Timber floor sanding and polishing


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